DFL May CHARITY Madness 2022

We are happy to inform you that thanks to your strong effort in ordering the May Cruise Madness shirt 2022 in the context of our fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees, quite a lot has been collected.



Cal Look of the 80's

The characteristics of the 1980's: Again, anything aircooled. The chrome trim was still being removed, at least on the outside. T-Bars and Buggy-Bars were out of fashion, simple bumper blades without bumper guards were up to date. The paintjobs were very colorful. The more colorful, the better. Also, graphics werde in. The interior was being changed as well, with seats from other makes being used and dashboards being welded up. Tweed was the cloth to use back then. Meanwhile, the cars also were being lowered at the rear end. The lower, the better. When it came to wheels, the focus was on the Porsche Fuchs wheel, fully polished. Also low-profile tires were being used then.
Engines were a step backwards. Performance was quite unimportant then, the look was all that counted. Chrome and transparent plastics were usual.
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