DFL May CHARITY Madness 2022

We are happy to inform you that thanks to your strong effort in ordering the May Cruise Madness shirt 2022 in the context of our fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees, quite a lot has been collected.



Cal Look of the 70's

The characteristics of the 1970's: Any Beetle, Karmann, Type 3 or Bus with round bumper blades, but also 1968 or 1969 Beetles with square bumpers. Usually, all trim from the body and the window rubbers were removed, headlight rings were painted, the vent wings were painted or omitted for one-piece-windows. Modifications to the interior were common. Racing seats were used and the dashboards were changed as well by fitting more gauges. Sport steering wheels and shifters were clearly part of the look.
Lowering jobs were done to the front end, to achieve the famous nose down stance, just like the drag race cars had. Any wheel fitting to the VW or Porsche pattern was allowed. Adaptors for other wheel patterns were frowned upon, as were fully polished wheels. The most important element was the engine. Due to the possibilities then, 2 litre engines were known as very big, small but wild high compression 1.8 litre engines were common. There was one thing for sure: Type 1 engines only!
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